Has Quarantine driven Gen Z mad?

Juliette Signoret
4 min readOct 12, 2020


Due to the covid-19 otherwise known as the Corona Virus epidemic many people have locked themselves inside. Lauren Montoya, a second year student at Whittier college accounts for how Quarantine has affected her life.

Lauren is a 19 year old who enjoys her everyday life but once the CoronaVirus outbreak started, just as many others, it put a hold on her life. Although it has taken the lives of many people, Lauren has a positive outlook looking towards the future.

Mental Health has been a big regard during quarantine.

“Yes it’s gotten me down, I feel trapped in.”

Being apart of the Whittier Scholars Program to Major in Journalism has helped Laurens Mental Health, Writing poetry and short fiction has been a hobby of Laurens and it even helps calm her down, but music is just as important to her.

Being stuck in your room or home all day can drive you insane. It tends to lead to overthinking, most of which has affected Lauren’s outlook on life. When asked about where she stands on voting, if its important for people our age. Lauren “It’s definetly important to vote, For me, neither of them are my first choice.” Once you turn 18 its important to let your voice be heard. In the 2016 election 4 in 10 Americans who were registered to vote didn’t vote. The first debate also impacted Lauren, she figured because our rights matter, equality matters, climates change matters and black lives matter we must tune in to the debates to be educated. Although the first debate was chaotic, Biden was underwhelming and Trump couldn’t stop interrupting and personal attacks. It was an easy choice for those who know what’s right and wrong.

“It’s the choice of the lesser of two evils.

Climate change is absolutely real and isn’t a hoax.”

The prison system was also a big topic because due to Covid-19 many prisoners were released as long as their charge wasn’t big. But in recent times as well we’ve seen a rise in crime. Gun Violence, Petty theft and aggravated assumption have risen. But when asked about her stance on the Death penalty Lauren quickly stated that she had no stance and was undecided. Many Americans and people around struggle with deciding whether this is humane or not. Gun Violence has also been an issue in the United States, gun violence with games specifically, whether it was deemable to put the blame on these graphic games. Lauren says it is not the games and publishers’ problem for the graphics but rather the person who uses the game as an excuse to go to horrible things with real guns.

Women’s rights, stance on abortion and Black lives matter are all important to Lauren. She believes women should have the right to decide about their own body, the right to have the same wage as men and the right to fight for what they believe in. Black lives matter also resonates with Lauren, she stands 100% with their fight for equality and stance against police brutality and racial bias in judicial systems. Lauren stated that once the All lives matter protest started it was very dismissive and degrading towards the real fight, regardless of the policemen getting “hate” for it, everyone’s life matters but the matter at hand was bigger. It’s important to focus on Black lives matter because of all the injustice they’ve been served throughout the years.

Throughout Quarantine, you could say it has driven Lauren Montoya a little mad, but overall this quarantine has helped her realize the importance of her life. She continues to do online school, it’s very conviene to her although there is the aspect of less socialization. She is working in a restaurant throughout this epidemic, and has been focusing on herself, family and Peaches (her dog). Lauren keeps her head high through this pandemic and is a wonderful women who strives for a better future.