Quarantined teacher gone mad

“My stress level — there is so much to do and keeping up and feeling like you are doing your job well is really hard.I’m an extrovert and being alone isn’t good for me. I started hanging with a few people after Easter and I’ve been better.”

Economos has been struggling trying not to go mad teaching her students and trying to keep them engaged. Economos is a 10–12 grade math teacher and has felt she struggles with feeling effective.

“ At the beginning of quarantine when we weren’t really teaching and I had no contact with kids I was having a really hard time.”

“ I wish more kids were comfortable putting on their camera and talking out loud- I miss the noise, I’m not a big fan of the quiet.”

Economos wishes she could change the Quarter system during this Pandemic in her high school. She finds herself questioning how it helps the students learn in such a short amount of time while they rotate their classes during the day. “I really don’t like our quarter system. It’s so hard for math- it’s a new way to learn it online and in such an accelerated timeline.”

“I don’t think I could do online teaching forever. It literally diminishes the biggest piece of teaching- the real relationships with the kids.”

Another struggle for Economos is not having her students in front of her, she cannot see their work clearly and what exactly her students are struggling with the most. Students in this age of online learning are going through the motions rather than learning and retain the information being given. “The kids struggle with distractions in their home. I see kids taking care of younger siblings while trying to learn. And the fast pace”. Economos has allowed after office hours and tutoring, its even implemented in their online schedule. From 1–2 English and History have their tutoring hours and for Math and Science it from 2–3. Economos mentioned how many of her students actually never come for help. “Not many kids use it though. I’m going to try and make it mandatory for those who fail a test.”

“I can’t give hugs as often and that sucks for me!”

Other than that Economos feels lucky to not be impacted like others. She is grateful to be working and getting the same paycheck from the safety of her home.



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